Two Streams

Re-sharing this poem as much has been made of the remarkable achievement of 73 years of marriage that ended yesterday with the death of Prince Philip. A marriage perhaps exemplifying what I was trying to express, written for my sisters’ wedding in 2014.


Two streams joined together in a dappled glade
And thankful, Lord, that you had nurtured both
To this true moment, long I prayed
For all that life-long soulmates made
Whatever might befall their path.

The streams flowed faster now, as one
Quite danced along, and could be heard
Gurgling over rock and stone;
Their joys not just for themselves to own
But in each others, glimpsing your joy, Lord.

And whether through eddy or waterfall,
Together they flowed, inseparable;
Bound by your commands of love
And knowing those vows, so dear to both
Were truth, in a world inexplicable.

I shall be telling this, with a smile
To family, we pray children, whenever hence:
Two streams joined together in a dappled glade,
And Lord, where you were their strength and guide,
That made all the difference.

My youngest sister and her husband always loved Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”. I am grateful for those who inspired it and those who helped as I was writing it.

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