Birthday poems 1

Inspired by the laundry (!) to write a silly poem, I sent it round my family for my niece’s birthday. My need for instant appreciation backfired when it became clear my nephew then expected one for his birthday the following month. As the proud aunt to 7 gorgeous nieephews, there will have to be more in this series. Its a good job they are a fun and inspiring bunch! Here are the first two.

My White Top

I’ve just had my birthday.  I got a white top.
It’s nice and warm and snuggly so I wear it a lot.
It goes with everything and it’s got a big hood.                                                                          But Mummy says it doesn’t stay as white as it should.

It’s ok at breakfast cos the milk blends in,
And so does the toothpaste when it dribbles off my chin.
But the string for the hood is turning a bit grey
Cos I chew it when I’m thinking and it’s starting to fray.

I knew I couldn’t paint unless I took it off
But my brother took a blue pen and drew right on the cuff
So I chased him round the garden and then made some daisy chains
But now it’s gone all yellowy green from all the grass stains.

I was careful to nibble when we had a chocolate cake
And Mummy said it just went all over my face.
But with pizza for lunch and then strawberries for tea
There is red and pink down my front as clear as can be!

My White Top’s had very busy day.
But I think that I prefer it rainbow coloured anyway!


My head is full of questions that keep buzzing to and fro
‘Cos why dont grown-ups tell you what it is you want to know?
It’s not about my spellings or the things I learn at school
But where do some things come from and why are they there at all?

To start with, there’s the tooth fairy; well, does she have a name?
And who was it invented things like cats and dogs again?
Does twirly pasta start to curl when on or off the tree?
And why is it my wee’s not green from all this broccoli?

And then there is my Daddy’s work; what does he do all day?
I know that when he works from home he hardly stops to play.
He says that he has meetings, yes but what about the rest?
Perhaps he just drinks coffee and hides underneath his desk.

Oh these questions keep on buzzing and it’s all just such a muddle.
I think that I will go and find my Daddy for a cuddle!


One thought on “Birthday poems 1

  1. It is great to find you here and share your life, rather different to mine, and your poems, rather better than mine and your faith which we share.

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