When you were a star in the sky….

As any selection of toddler stories will reveal, there is a fine line between a simple rendition of a profound truth, and sentimental twaddle. This is the story I gave Sophie on her birthday. You can be the judge of which side of the line it falls for you.

When you were a star in the sky!

“Have you ever heard anyone say something that happened before you were born was “when you were a star in the sky”?
This is a story about that time.

Once there was a little star who loved to shine in the night sky and look down at all the people on the earth. In the daytime you couldn’t see her because she would draw near the sun and watch where his reflection sparkled and shone.

One day, she noticed that some of the stars that had been near her weren’t there anymore. An angel explained that they had gone to the earth to spend their time as people, and it would soon be time for her to go and join them.

The little star felt sad. She loved being in the sky near the sun and being able to look down on the earth, but she didn’t understand it. It seemed very messy and confusing. How would she manage?

The angel explained that every star that went to earth carried within them a little piece of the sun. “Don’t be afraid, little star” said her friend. “You will never be alone, the sun will continue to shine inside you. And when we can see the sun shining, we will see you and know that you still belong to us”.
“How can I do that?” asked the little star.
“Every time you are kind, even when someone is mean. Every time you share something, even when you don’t want to. Every time you treasure and care for another living creature, even when it’s easier not to, the sun in you will shine out, and the earth will become a brighter, more lovely place because you are in it”.

The little star felt a bit daunted by this for she knew that sometimes the reflections of the sun seemed everywhere, but sometimes and in some places, the sparkles were few and far between. But she was comforted again by the angel. “It won’t always be easy. But remember, you are never alone. The sun will be within you.”

And so the little star came to earth.

She was born on the 23rd June.

And her name was Sophie.”

One thought on “When you were a star in the sky….

  1. Now I will be singing ‘This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine’ for the rest of the day. A lovely story for a child also for anyone who is still young at heart!

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