The meaning of Easter- in fuzzyfelt

The Christmas story has an easy sell – angels, a donkey, a baby, lambs and kings all make up an accessible story for children. (Never mind that the reality was family rejection, birth amidst squalor and social ostracism!) The challenge is making it more than a story.

But the Easter story struggles to get past the first hurdle. Cruelty, rejection, death don’t feature highly in many children’s plotlines, and even if you have explained the story, the question still hangs “But why did Jesus have to die?”

Faced with an array of small children, I struggled to find some way of capturing the totality, the completeness, the now and forever-ness of the cross and resurrection in a way that made relevant sense.




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I’d love to know any feedback.

On the story itself, I have always loved making Easter gardens. There is something about the beauty of using spring flowers and the fact that all the parts go back into the garden afterwards that really reflects the truth of the story. Here’s one we made a few years ago with pipe cleaner figures (they didn’t survive!) and a beautiful card made for the Easter gardens we made at a vineyard open day here.






Wishing everyone a very blessed and Happy Easter!



5 thoughts on “The meaning of Easter- in fuzzyfelt

  1. I saw this just before Easter, though I haven’t had a second to comment until now, but thank you so much for posting it. It had been so easy to explain Christmas to a 23-month-old, but Good Friday, when he was so determined to come to Mass with Mummy, was much more challenging. I didn’t exactly triumph with my fuzzy-felt efforts, but at least I felt I wasn’t the only person grappling with the issue. Bach was also helpful: we sang a chorale from the St Matthew Passion, and F demanded loudly ‘what that noise? That GOOD noise!’. Not perhaps theologically valid as responses go, but something, at least?

  2. I LOVE it! I thought I couldn’t access it before, but taking a look again I discover I can! I’m going to ping the link to friends who do Messy Church, if that’s OK? How did you get the black bits to stick on, and did you make the quarters of the heart separately or did to stick the bits on as you went along (it’s a while since I’ve used fuzzy felt!!). Presumably the cross is just paper/card and tissue paper? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Next week will reveal all….. its a bit fiddly but a nice craft to make the cross with tissue paper. I do a simpler version in real life with just three frames. I really want someone to pick it up as a digital project where or for sunday school posters but thats not my forte! I have more images and a longer narrative as well….

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