Compassionate Friendship through thick and thin

When dear friends and family go through hard times it is so difficult to know how to respond and acknowledge its awfulness, whilst carrying on with everything you need to do as well. This is my attempt at expressing it.


Let me help me carry your load, my friend,
For the path you tread is steep.
I would lighten what you bear, my friend,
For my love for you runs deep.

Our way lies side by side, my friend,
For this stretch, just up ahead
You can share your load with me, my friend,
I would ease the steps you tread.

Then we will round a corner,
And the path go single file
There I must walk behind you
Speaking friendship, all the while.

For here you set the pace, my friend,
Whatever the words I speak.
For each must make their own steps,
However faltering and weak.

I ache to see your pain, my friend
I would it were not so.
My strength a fleeting, brief respite,
I cannot make it go.

My path will bring me back to yours
But I have steps to tread.
My help joins that from others
As you forge your way ahead.

You will not be alone, my friend
When I must stand aside.
The One who Sees your struggle,
Is but waiting by your side.

The path won’t level overnight,
The way not always clear.
Yet the source of life, of love and hope
Has promised He is near.

Trust each step you take is cherished,
Every tear is caught and held.
Trust your path is forged in Hope and Love
The Foundations of the World.

This was written for my Mum, who cares so deeply for friends and family going through hard times. It was inspired by a friend who said during a very difficult episode of her life “You are kind and others are kind and it does help. But at the end of the day I have to accept this is happening to me, in my life, and I need to find a way through it.” It was also written in thanks to the wise lady who taught me the importance of healthy boundaries.

5 thoughts on “Compassionate Friendship through thick and thin

  1. I really enjoyed reading this poem. It is beautifully written and a great tribute to your Mum.
    It’s timing is great- as my niece and nephew face the imminent loss of their Mum and I try to walk behind them. Thank you!

  2. Very relevant to me at present after a painful knee renewal. Friendship is precious and supportive but it can only go so far. The friendship that is beteen us and our Lord providing the unseen hand and the softest whispers of hope are our personal lifeline that gets us thru.

    1. Thank you Marion, Do hope you are recovering rapidly from the knee op and so lovely to have your ongoing interest and a reminder of the beautiful way you capture ideas – thank you.

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