About Grain of Sand

“Deeper Currents in the Day to Day”


Grain of Sand is about the structure of relationships that underpin our lives: within our selves, with others both personally and in our wider social and economic interaction, and with the natural world.

Blogposts pick up on moments in life when this substructure might be most apparent. Some celebrate and reflect on positive connections. Some look at ways that our wider relationships are damaging, particularly with the global poor and the natural environment, and explore ways to redress the balance so that all can flourish. Others provide encouragement for those in difficult circumstances.

Written from a Christian perspective, the blog reflects a belief that this intangible sub-structure is held together by Divine qualities such as love, truth, compassion and a thirst for justice; and that the Bible’s teaching has contemporary resonance.

My Story

I started writing on a career break in Athens whilst accompanying my husband’s posting with two young children. With twenty years experience working in the civil service on international affairs, my faith has played a strong role in my driver to address issues of social injustice. In recent years that has led to a focus on the climate crisis. I have had a lifelong involvement in childrens and young peoples church activities and have launched and led midweek groups for many different ages. Writing is what brings many of my passions together. If you are interested in using any articles or commissioning any particular pieces please do get in touch.


Catherine Masterman