Poems on a Postcard

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Cards are also on sale at The Yardmarket, Godalming and at Mane Chance Pony Sanctuary in Compton.

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For Mothering Sunday:

From “Beanbag Parenting” – Blogpost November 2018

Feedback from St Paul’s Tongham, Mothering Sunday 2022:

I’m wondering if you already know about [x]…your poem seems so relevant.
Thank you so much for the lovely card. Such beautiful words. It’s by my computer and I keep reading it.”
Thank you for the poem you put through the door, lovely words, have put it on my pin board.”

For Friends:

From “Anchor Friendships” – Blogpost February 2020

Living with loss

From “Fallen Trees” – Blogpost February 2018

Encouragement for those whose loved ones are elderly or have dementia

From “Still…..I Am” Blogpost June 2018

Celebrating Childhood

From “Poems about Childhood” – Blogpost August 2018

Reverse design on all postcards:

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