Still…I am

This is for anyone who feels that old age or illness have robbed them of their loved ones. I dont think anything can take away that spark of uniqueness that makes a person who they are, but it can be very hard to keep hold of when faced by someone so different. Although its written in the wrong voice, it is sort of for my Grandma.

I Am

Perhaps you knew the child who played;
carefree, seeking to explore, to please and be pleased.
I am still that child.

Perhaps you knew the youth who dreamed;
kicked stones, ran races, willed the world to spin around his axis:
I am still that youth.

Perhaps you knew the colleague who strived;
worked hard to impress, knew his stuff, got along with the others:
I am still that colleague.

Perhaps you knew the man who loved,
first his childhood family, then his own;
cradling his children, watching them play, providing, caring:
I am still that man.

Perhaps you knew the neighbour who greeted,
smiled, passed the time of day,
hosted and was hosted, saw the seasons pass and greeted still:
I am still that neighbour.

Perhaps you knew the friend who shared;
maybe pastimes, walked together, drank, ate, put the world to rights:
I am still that friend.

Still within me is the person you knew, and who, by knowing, you helped shape.
I appear different now.
I hope my instincts to you are kind.
Forgive me when they are not.

But the child, youth, colleague, father, friend, neighbour……whatever has been and whatever happens now….


I am.

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